Custom Entryways

Custom Entryways

Tradewood Employees are very proud of these Custom Entryways. Each Custom Entry is a piece of art that are built with the pride and skill of the highly trained Tradewood workforce. They skillfully transform the Architects and your dream entry into reality. These pieces of art are the true focal point and will make you proud to invite people into your home.

  • Elegant casement & awning windows, swing doors, lift & slide doors, folding doors, pivot doors
  • Dissimilar product group assemblies with complete design flexibility
  • Unique 90 degree corner units glass, stainless steel of wood corners
  • Sleek crisp linear millwork

Doors and Entry Ways 1

  • Frame joints are dadoed, sealed and screwed with stainless steel or brass fasteners
  • Frame depth as need to meet construction requirements
  • Common frame multiple units
  • Large variety of wood species, see options
  • Split wood species is available (interior and exterior are different)
  • Many muntin bar profiles to choose from, see options, custom profiles are available
  • All sizes and shapes
  • Bay, bow, box & corner configurations
  • Bent frame with bent glass
  • Bent frame with straight glass
  • Transoms, any shape
  • Multi-locking hardware on doors, lift & slide and folding
  • Casements with concealed multi-point locking hardware, with sleek handle
  • Push arm or roto-gear operators
  • Client specified hardware
  • Hardware is available in all finishes
  • Motorized hardware is available
  • Bronze thresholds on doors
  • Wood, aluminum, or Tradewood wood aluminum hybrid screens
  • Fiberglass, aluminum, bronze, stainless steel or enlighten invisible screen mesh

Doors and Entry Ways 2

  • Roll screens
  • Test results available
  • Klima High Performance Ultra Low Volatile Organic Compounds Water-Based Exterior Paint and Stain Finishes

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