Simple styles reflect nature

There is beauty in simplicity.

In nature, a lone pine tree complemented by a colourful native shrub; or in design, a soft, white sofa accented by a single, red throw cushion - these are simple things. We see them as “pleasing” to the eye, because of their simplicity and the way they go together.

In art, architecture and interior design, this simple style is called minimalist. It’s a contemporary style, born of a simplistic approach to the arts in the Western world in the years following the Second World War.

Tradewood Industries understands contemporary minimalism. Our company offers many elements of a pared-down design to complement the planned renovation of your contemporary-styled home or business. In windows and doors, you couldn’t find a better match than our Reflection Series. Windows and doors in this series are void of any exterior frame members or sashes, providing a continuous skin of glass that literally reflects the surroundings, thus earning their name.

The windows and doors themselves come in several configurations: Elegant casement and awning windows; bay, bow, box and corner configurations; swing doors; lift and slide doors; folding doors and pivot doors - in all shapes and sizes. Trim for the interior is available in many species of wood, adding warmth and ambiance to the interior of your home or business.

This means that the Reflection Series will match with any style of interior design, adding simplicity and warmth on the inside to nature’s looking glass on the outside. Your renovation dreams are about to come true!

Tradewood’s expert designers are ready to help you plan your renovation, offering guidance for owners of historic homes and businesses and simplifying the chaos a renovation sometimes brings.
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