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Tradewood has always prided itself for it’s innovative designs that are developed by listening to the architectural communities needs, to help them meet or surpass their creative genius and satisfy the visionary demands of each unique project.

Tradewood Custom Windows

That is exactly the case with Tradewood’s REFLECTION SERIES Windows & Doors. Renowned Architect David Jameson approached Tradewood with a vision. To have a window with a minimalistic exterior, but with beautiful mahogany interiors.

After a period of intensive research and development, Tradewood’s REFLECTION SERIES was born. It has an exterior skin that is almost 100% glass that takes advantage of the natural surrounding of where the structure is located. Reflecting natures beauty across an endless curtain wall of glass. Be it a FIXED or OPERATING Window, Hinged or Sliding DOOR, all the units are coplanar and with each piece of glass only being a ¼” apart, it provides the illusion that it is one continuous piece. The effect is simply breathtaking.

The natural wood interior that can be of any species, adds not only elegance, but warmth to the interiors. The floor to ceiling glass panes provide unimaginable views of the surround landscapes, skylines or water-views, yet still have the functionality of being an Operating window or door.

Tradewood Custom Work

Tradewood recently completed a fabulous home, designed by Architect, David Jameson. It’s located in the rolling mountains of Virginia’s horse country. The home perched high on top of one of the mountains is almost totally glass. The perfect showcase for Tradewood’s REFLECTION SERIES. Here David Jameson and his client, utilized Tradewood’s innovative Windows and Doors to add to the architectural magnificence of the project by creating a gem that could capture the architects clean and minimal lines as well as the pure untouched surrounding of the rolling mountains.

The project is a feather in Tradewood’s cap. The Client utilized a variety of glass sized between 36 to 84” wide and all 144” in height. They took full advantage of all the bells and whistles that The REFLECTION SERIES offer. Floor to ceiling motorized windows with synchronized motorized roll screens, Motorized Doors that automatically push out of the house and slide to one side, corner windows with varying angles. Tradewood also provided the 14’ tall BRONZE monumental courtyard entry doors that again had beautiful stained mahogany interior. These 4 sets of doors are the perfect welcoming statement to this outstanding example of pure brilliance. Hats off to Architect David Jameson and his client, they have created something truly extraordinary. All of us at Tradewood are proud to be part of their team, and help them create greatness.

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