I can see clearly now

Hidden window screen provides clear, unobstructed view of great outdoors.

For most people, having a clear world view means paying attention to issues and following international politics.

If that’s you, kudos - most of us don’t have the patience!

At Tradewood Industries, when customers ask for a clear world view, we offer our newly designed Invisible Roll Screen windows.

Over the years, customer requests and job specifications have meant our expert designers needed to come up with solutions to problems. The invisible roll screen was born of a need for screens, but no visible screens, coupled with new window technology developed by Tradewood over time. 

Operating on the “now you see it, now you don’t” principle, our designers blended the screens, which roll down, into the top sash of our elegant double-hung window. The screen rolls down as the sash is raised. Like magic, there was a clear world view! The customer was delighted, and our new product was born.

Our elegant double-hung windows feature exceptional interior and exterior millwork, with handcrafted, forged, multi-locking handles and many species of wood from which to choose. Screens are available in fibreglass, aluminum, stainless steel, bronze or Enlighten invisible screen mesh.

Windows can be arranged in many configurations, and can even be created to blend into your historic home’s overall design.

When it comes to world views, we’re no Fox News, but we can teach you a thing or two about windows. If it sounds like the invisible roll screen window will provide the world view you have been seeking, call Tradewood today at 

905-641-4949, or contact us via the website at

We’d love to be a part of your upcoming home renovation project!

RollScreen Down

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