Tradewood's Contemporary Fusion Series

Architect: Williamson Chong Architects, 235 Carlaw Avenue, Toronto

Location: Toronto, 43 Stafford

Completio:n 45 days

This is application consists of a curtain wall of fixed glass and a 36” x 96” Parallel Pushout window with an interior roll screen

The Fusion Series is a sleek and very clean extruded aluminum exterior (available in anodized or powder-coated) with a wood interior (virtually any species) that can be stained or painted

This provided the home a very warm and enticing atmosphere as compared to the alternative of commercial aluminum curtain wall which tends to be bulky and cold in appearance.
Tradewood Reflection series contemporary product (Patent pending ) was used on the operating pushout window. This provides the illusion that all the units are fixed when the window is closed
The glass covers the operating section 100% so there is no visible sash on the exterior, only glass like the fixed units.
Tradewood has a complete offering in both Fusion Series and Reflection Series as well as our Hallmark Classic Contemporary Series (all wood ) that we have been producing for years with huge acclaim and success.