Bending Limits

Tradewood Continues to bend the limits when it comes to creating something truly special.

If you can conceive it, there’s a very good chance we can build it.

Our windows and doors have appeared in some pretty spectacular renovations and restorations, and in a recent project, we succeeded in bending one of our elegant casement windows around an obstacle that could not be moved.

We call our casement and awning windows elegant due to the exceptional interior millwork they feature. Each one is adorned with a handcrafted, forged, multi-locking handle and push arm feature or rotary-gear operator, available to match historical restorations or contemporary renovations.

These windows are available in any size or configuration, with transoms or even bent glass.

Wait - what?

Bent glass?

We succeeded in making a bent frame that features bent glass, and a bent frame that features straight glass. We also offer bay, bow, box and corner configurations. Our expert manufacturers really know their stuff.

Interior millwork can be made to match any existing trim. Frame joints are dadoed, sealed and screwed with stainless steel or brass fasteners, providing extra strength and durability.

Windows can even be made with split wood species - with different woods used for the interior and exterior.

Our finishes feature Klima high-performance, low volatile organic compounds water-based exterior paint and stain, available in many colours.

Screens can be wood, aluminum, or Tradewood wood-aluminum hybrid screens.

Hardware can be manual or automated, and is available in many finishes.

Basically, what’s your preference? If your home is contemporary, or if it requires restoration to a certain period, our elegant windows will fit right in.

Even if we have to bend a little glass to make it work!

Tell us about your project - we’d love to be able to solve some problems for you. Call Tradewood today at

905-641-4949, or contact us via the website at

Custom Bent Glass Window

Glass Window

Bending Limits Custom Glass Window

Bending Limits Custom Glass Windows

Bending Limits Custom Glass Window