Fusion Series Contemporary Windows

Tradewood’s Fusion Series contemporary windows and doors are the eyes of this residence in New York.

Fusion Series Windows and Doors derives its name from combining Aluminum, Glass and Wood into a refined curtain wall system that allows the Architect to design without the many limiting factors of conventional curtain wall options. The Fusion series has a minimal aluminum exterior skin and an elegant wood interior that can be modified to meet any wall thickness or species of wood. Operating window and door sash utilize Tradewood Reflection series technology, which involves covering the exterior surface in 100% glass. These glass clad sash are co-planner to the adjacent fixed glass and provide you the illusion that all the units are fixed, creating a continuous glass wall. Tradewood offers operating Reflection Series sash as large as 84” x 144” and fixed units up to 240” x 130”.

In addition to the windows and doors, the linking metal panels and visors shown in these photos were created by Tradewood as specified by the architect.

Side Window Install

Install of custom window

Installing Custom Window

Windows Install