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Like all of Tradewood's contemporary inspired windows and doors it has unlimited design possibilities. Its sleek wood frame and unique modular system allows a variety of product groups to blend flawlessly together that create crisp linear lines...READ MORE

fusion series, windows, doors, glass, aluminum, wood

Is the collaboration of glass, aluminum and wood into the ideal Contemporary curtain wall system that allows the Architect to design without the many limiting factors of conventional curtain wall options. The Fusion series incorporates a minimal aluminum exterior skin combined with an elegant wood interior that can be modified to meet any wall thickness or species of wood. Operating window and door sash utilizing Tradewood's Reflection series technology...READ MORE

reflection series, contemporary, windows, doors

Is so minimalistic it has no visible exterior frame, the entire exterior is glass and when combined with its elegant wood interior you have the ultimate Contemporary Window and Door. Fixed, Operating Window and doors are all co-planner and each section of glass is only ¼” apart. This system is void of any exterior frame members or sashes, providing a continuous skin of glass that literally reflects the surrounds making it virtually disappear...READ MORE

casement, awning, inswing, titt & turn, pivot, single, double, triple, hangs, fixed, bent glass, windows

Casement & Awning, Inswing, Tilt & Turn, Pivot, Single Double or Triple Hungs, Fixed, Bent glass windows and motorized applications are all available at Tradewood in a Traditional of Modern format. They are all constructed using the latest in technologies and are manufactured to the highest of level of excellence...READ MORE

doors, inswing, outswing, lift & slide, folding, custom entryways, motorized, interior

INswing, OUTswing, Lift & Slide, Folding, Custom Entryways, Motorized applications and interior doors are all available at Tradewood in a Traditional or Modern format. They are all constructed using the latest in technologies and are manufactured to the highest of level of excellence...READ MORE

historical, design, windows, doors

Tradewood's attention to detail craftsmanship and joinery allows us to recreate finely crafted windows and doors that emulate those from past eras and have done so with great success on numerous historic projects. Tradewood is able to manufacture these units in any size or configuration, including bent glass. We also incorporate modern modes of construction to ensure these replicas will stand the test of time...READ MORE

hurricane, windows, doors, millwork

Tradewood's “Force 12” Hurricane rated windows and doors meet or surpass all requirements for Dade County or Coastal applications. Tradewood uses the same exceptional millwork, craftsmanship, and joinery as our standard windows and doors but built to withstand the worst that Mother Nature has to offer. Tradewood offers a full line of products, Single & Double Hungs, Inswing & Outswing Doors, Inswing & Outswing Casements, Tilt & Turn, Lift & Slide Doors and Fixed widows, all beautifully detailed to complement your architectural style...READ MORE

architectural millwork, windows, doors

Fine Craftsmanship and joinery are hallmarks of Tradewood and with our talented crew of master carpenters we are able to provide you with highly detailed millwork solutions that will match your design intent without the problems associated with site conditions and time lines. Palladian windows, box windows, bent glass units, elaborate front entryways or custom exterior millwork, everything is possible...READ MORE

fortress metal clad, design, bronze, aluminum

A Bronze or aluminum clad solution that emanates the old world charm of steel windows, but without all the problems associated with them. The beautiful detailed wood interior eliminate costly site installed millwork while the solid exterior extrusions are not only extremely durable but bonded to the frame or sash creating the desired slim profiles. The units are delivered as assembles with all glass and hardware installed...READ MORE

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The history of Tradewood Windows and Doors began over 50 years ago, with the Company playing a key role in preserving the rich historical architectural heritage of landmark buildings located along the Niagara Frontier. Founded by European trained master woodworkers, their knowledge and skill with windows, doors, cabinetry and architectural millwork was eagerly sought after, setting in motion an uninterrupted tenure of family-owned operations....

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"Customer driven, solution based products designed and manufactured with the highest standards of quality in a timely manner by a dedicated team of professionals through the use of innovative technologies. We are committed to excellence, and strive to be the best in all we do. Conscious design, aesthetic flexibility and structural integrity. These are the hallmarks of Tradewood Windows and Doors."

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